Can You Change The Combination On A safe? Get Professional Help?

When it comes to the question of can you change the combination on a safe and whether or not you need a professional to handle the job, it is best to seek expert services. A safe is essential for storing your valuables and protecting them from being disturbed or stolen. A common call the professionals get from customers is, can you change the combination on a safe? Of course, you can, but it is a job that should be left for the experts at Safes NYC.  If you don’t have the combination, then you might wonder about can you change the combination on a safe which luckily; there are a few ways a professional can do that for you.

Which Safe Do You Have?

When you are wondering can you change the combination on a safe; it is important first to identify which safe you actually have. Calling the professional team and saying that you have a safe which needs a combination change doesn’t actually narrow down the type that you have. There are electronic safes, gun safes and floor safes to. If you are asking can you change the combination on a safe; then identifying the safe you have will decide the type of action the Safes NYC; team takes to change your combination. When your safe has been properly identified; the expert can take the right measures to recover, reset or unlock your safe. Just guessing means the wrong access method will be used on your safe; which can end up causing damage to the safe and the components inside.

Before you call the team, it is best to have some information ready if possible; which helps the professional preparation and bring the right tools and equipment for the job. You can find a serial number somewhere on the side of a safe or the back panel. For security reasons, this may not be located either inscribed or plastered on the outside of the safe. If you cannot access the serial number; this way you can check via the purchase order if you have kept the information.

Why You Might Change Your Combination

There are many reasons why you might request information on a can you change the combination on a safe scenario, and the common reasons are:

  • You have forgotten your code
  • You are going through a separation and don’t want the spouse accessing your items
  • An employee has quit but has the combination
  • You are having trouble remembering your current code

Safes NYC, get hundreds of calls a year for safe combinations queries; and it can even be due to buying a home and finding a floor safe in the home that you didn’t even know about.

Can A Locksmith Get Into My Safe Without The Combination?

There are a few ways that the experts can get into a safe without the combination. If the safe is already open, then a code can be created for you; or an override key can be made from the safe team. If the safe is completely locked, you can get an expert to get the original code from the safes manufacture. The last option for a can you change the combination on a safe issue is to have the safe drilled; which will still allow you to use the use.

My Safe Is Open

Can you change the combination on a safe in NYC, when it is opened? Actually, this is the best case. The safe team can either decode or change your combination on a dial safe and also reset your electronic safe back to the factory defaults.

If you need to take the safe into the store; the safe can be lifted off the hinges when the door is open. If your safe is bolted down or is heavy, as long as the door is fairly lightt; you can remove it and take it to the shop to get the combination changed.

Drilling A Safe Open

When you ask can you change the combination on a safe and every other way doesn’t work for your situation, then the NYC, safe team can drill but only as a last resort.  With the serial number and the model number, the team can locate the drill points, which will make it easier and more affordable to get into the safe. This allows the team to know where to drill and avoid triggering the security measures of the safe. When a safe is opened via drilling, it entails pulling off the current lock and drilling in via the front, which will allow you to take the component out while the door remains shut.

If you cannot determine the serial number and model, the NYC, safe team can drill the safe, but it will cost more. Most times, the pilot hole can be drilled, and then they scope the safe to find out where the drill points are located. Depending on the type of safe you have, if there lacks a drill point, then a security feature will be triggered like a re-lock, which means more drilling is needed.

For all can you change the combination lock on a safe queries contact the team who is there for you whenever you have a safe query, want to purchase a safe or are just after good old fashioned service.

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