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Can You Open Gardall Safe With A Magnet – Here are instant solutions!

We all put our trust and confidence in our safes. Therefore, we are relaxed when we lock our valuables in a safe. This trust is because the safe would provide enough security against any type of intrusion and infiltration that might cause harm, damage, or destruction to our valuable items. But sometimes, people do devise ways and methods that can prove otherwise. That raises doubt about the strength and security of a safe. One such question that haunts people’s minds is can you open gardall safe with a magnet?

Burglars and thieves are contriving many tips and techniques to break in a gardall safe. Locksmiths and experts also employ some tips and strategies for a safe which has lost its keys or combinations without damaging its contents. These strategies may work sometimes, and other times they are nothing but just local myths. Here, Safes NYC will elucidate one of the most sought questions: “Can you open gardall safe with a magnet?”

Can You Open Gardall Safe With A Magnet? – All Your Problems Solved!

The question arises because many have manifested them through demos with live audiences, and others have watched this spectacle scene through their screens on YouTube. These incidents are enough to inseminate the question, can you open gardall safe with a magnet?

Before hopping to the answer, let’s get some basic info about magnets. This will help understand the process and thus the answer to your question, which is, can you open gardall safe with a magnet?

Our team of professionals at Safes NYC has had years of experience in gardall safe open services. We are available to help our most valued customers with the most outstanding service and help them solve any issues related to “can you open a gardall safe with a magnet?”.

Can You Open Gardall Safe? – The Most Reliable!

Gardall safes are made up of solid steel, aluminum, nickel, copper, and iron. These are the basic elements. Depending upon the type and the nature of the safe, several other elements can be added to suit its customization. These are the elements that generate their magnetic fields, and thus in the presence of a strong magnetic field, their magnetic field can be distorted.

So, in theory, if you place a strong magnet near the bolt works and then moves the magnet towards the backward direction, there are chances that the strong magnet may try to attract nickel and other elements in bolts towards itself. Once it is successful, it might push back bolts from the holes in the safe wall. This would make a little space that will open the safe with little jolting and pushing the handle.

Can You Open Gardall Safe? – Learn From the Best!

Can you open gardall safe with a magnet as simple as it sounds? Well, it might happen in few cases where you might be able to open a safe with a magnet by yourself, but what about its utility? Is it a thing that can be normally done, and can you open gardall safe with a magnet all the time? Our gardall safe open service providers think that there are several reasons why this might not be done as quickly as it sounds.

Some of those reasons are listed here:

  • Magnets: Opening a safe with a magnet requires a substantial magnetic field. There are three types of magnets. Temporary, permanent, and electromagnets. Only a few permanent magnets have a strong enough magnetic field to open a safe. Samarium and Neodymium are two such magnets that possess a strong magnetic field. These are called rare magnets and are not easily found. In nature, they are never found in a free state, and you must extract them from other ores. After extraction, they need to be purified to exhibit their best strength. Thus, acquiring such magnets is a toiling task and can consume more time and effort than opening a safe with ordinary methods.
  • Safes: Not all safes can be opened with a magnet. Safes that have strong walls and thickness that exceeds 5″ are generally magnet safe. Plus, if the machinery behind the safe is further strengthened by more sheets, it reduces the magnet’s impact on them.
  • Bolts: Opening a safe also depends on the number of bolts. The greater the number of bolts is, the more difficult it becomes to open a safe with a magnet

We hope we have given enough to answer the question can you open gardall safe with a magnet. Still, if you need any assistance, we would love to help you.

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