Cracking A Combination Safe – All You Need To Know

Cracking a combination safe requires skill and patience. Among the safecrackers out there, lock manipulation is thought to be the high-road. This is due to the lock manipulation representing safecracking in what people refer to as the pure form. Lock manipulation in NYC, is the process of getting into a safe without defacing or drilling the safe by any means. Basically, you are using the lock against itself in order to find the combination.

This is the best method as there are only a few tools required; and it is the most discreet way for cracking a combination safe with Safes NYC; It is important to remember that cracking a combination safe requires a huge amount of patience. The professional from Safes NYC, must also have an understanding of the robotic actions that are involved with locks in the different forms.

Cracking a combination safe requires a scientific approach; just as you see in the movies where they use sound to work out the combination. You need good hearing, time, and patience to pull it off.

The process for cracking a combination safe in NYC, is broken down into three steps:

  • Locating the contact points
  • Discovering the number of wheels
  • Graphing the results

Locating The Contact Points

For cracking a combination safe you first need to locate the connection spots on the safe lock. The drive cam has a cut in it, just like the wheels do within the wheel pack. The cut is actually sloped, which helps the lever and fence to move when it gets back around. When the top of the lever connects with the slope, the Safes NYC, technician will hear a small click. When listening to the click, the expert can work out which numbers on the dial part work in with the right and left sides of the cut notch. That is, they are referred to as the contact area and becomes the first step when cracking a combination safe.

Situating The Wheels

Next, for cracking a combination safe the numbers on a safe can be made up of between one up to eight numbers. Each digit will have a consequent wheel. The next thing that the safecracker needs to do is to figure out how many wheels there are within the wheel package. By knowing the contact area, the cracker can then dial the number on the lock; which Is situated on the opposite side of the numbers inside the contact area. The NYC, safecracker can then let the dial sit there. This is referred to as parking the wheels.

Parking The Wheels

If you think about a dial of one hundred, if you have a contact area of 10 and 20, the code-cracker can park the wheels around about 60. When they then turn the dial slowly towards the right side; the drive cam will then be re-engaged, which will allow it to start spinning the wheels from that one spot.  From here, each time that the dial goes past 60; the driver pin will make a click sound as each of the wheels located in the wheel pack is gathered one by one. The cracker will count each click, and when they hear no more; they can work out how many wheels can be found situated in the pack. If they hear four clicks, there are four wheels; and so on.

Results Are Graphed

Knowing the number of wheels and the contact area, the cracker can reset the lock by moving it several times around to the right side. They will part the wheels down at zero, then they slowly move the dial across to the left. The cracker will listen for the clicks that tell them the position of the right and left sides on the contact area.

Create a note of this in the graph will allow the cracker to duplicate the step; but this time they part the wheels three digits to the left side of the zero. Each time that the method is started from another position, the contact area will be slightly different. The cracker team will keep repeating this procedure in different breaks of three until you end up with all places on the dial being graphed.

The final graph for cracking a combination safe will represent the right and left contact points for each position, converging on itself at different sections. The number of wheels should match the points of convergence. The cracking a combination safe graph can show you the wheels sitting in their right spot, but it cannot reveal to you in what directive the wheels need to be lined up.

The experts will now need to dial the numbers in the variations until they are able to open the safe. A three-number dial combination may have six possible variations and so on.

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