Cracking A Victor Safe – We Can Handle It

A victor safe is a security safe but an old antique one common in the early 1900s. The victor safe company was known for having high-end security safes. The brand was considered collector’s items and antiques. If you have the combination, great! If not, then you are in for hard road cracking a victor safe.

There is a sequence to follow when cracking a victor safe; but this may not work due to the item being seized up due to its age.

You are best to call a professional, safe worker from Safes NYC; when cracking a victor safe if you don’t have the code or the code isn’t working.

Why Wont My Safe Open?

Sometimes cracking a victor safe with Safes NYC, is needed due to the fact that they are old and jam up.

Sometimes the bolt work is seized up for a few different reasons. If you are entering the code correctly and the safe won’t open, most likely, it has seized up. You are frustrated and ready to kick the safe; but this isn’t going to solve the problem but letting the safe experts at Safes NYC, can help. The NYC, team specializes in all sorts of safes, including the 100-year-old victor safes.

Due to the safe being so old and most likely sitting around not being used; it can have rusted and seized up. Safes need to be serviced periodic to prevent them from locking up. Trained experts disassemble the safes wheel pack and clean everything and replace any parts that have worn and lubricate the mechanism; this allows for a smooth and reliable opening. If the safe has not been serviced in years and years, it is still possible for cracking a victor safe; but this will need to be done by the professionals.

Reasons Why You Might Need Professional Help

Here a few problems that can occur with a safe and will require a cracking open a safe specialist:

  • Stiff or tight dialing
  • Wobbly dial
  • Strang noises when dialing the code
  • Lock assembly is loose
  • Lock is difficult to open

The Combination Lock

The combination lock has been around for over 100 years; and is still being used today as the number one method for keeping valuables safe. It may differ from other forms of locks, but it still has moving parts that need to be lubricated and worked over often. Even if you don’t use your safe often, it is a good idea to open; and shut it every so often to keep the moving parts working and lubricated. The safe will lock when it isn’t serviced, which means you cannot access your items and will need a professional to help out.

The Safe Combination

The safe combination has three wheels in the pack, and each hade a notch on the edge which is known as the gate. When you enter the right combination, the three gates link up, which allows for the fence to drop in and the mechanism to withdraw from the lock bolts. These can become dirty and worn, and you will need a NYC, specialist to open it for you to avoid damage being caused.

In the worst case scenario, the cracking a victor safe team member will need to drill the safe open. The combination will be wrecked during this process and will need to be replaced. This is a more expensive process, which is why you can avoid it once you start having your safe serviced.

Cracking A Victor Safe – Is It Hard?

Lock manipulation requires you to have knowledge and skills that everyday people don’t have. Cracking a victor safe is the process of getting into your safe and avoiding the drilling option. Some NYC, safe experts can use the lock against itself and work out the combination.

The specialist will possess tremendous patience and have an in-depth knowledge of the mechanical works of the victor safes. Cracking safes means the contact points need to be determined, the number of wheels the safe has, and getting your graphing organized.

Cracking a victor safe is hard, and being such a vintage safe, you don’t want to damage the safe and cause problems. The safe experts can come to your home and check out the safe and see what services they can offer to help you get inside your victor safe.

The team has the experience and expertise to get the job done without causing damage to the safe or the environment around it. Call the team if you need a safe opened or you want one serviced to avoid problems from occurring in the future.

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