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Gardall Safe Open - Regain Access to A Locked Safe


Performing a Gardall safe open without the combination can be a complicated situation. Safes NYC experts can successfully perform a Gardall safe open. The Gardall safe open process is performed by Safes NYC masters without destroying the safe. 

Gardall Safe Open Service – Specialized Safe Opening Experts

A Gardall safe is great for safeguarding documents, valuables, or firearms. A safe can pose a problem if a Gardall safe won’t open. You try different methods to open a Gardall but still the Gardall safe not opening. You don’t want to destroy the safe but you need to open the safe by hook or by crook.

Safes NYC specializes in Gardall safe open procedure.  Our safe technicians specialize in a Gardall safe open process for all kinds of different safes. Our safe technicians can open Gardall safes with a combination safe lock, digital safe lock, or electric safe lock, or any kind of safe lock.

The best part is that you will not require Gardall safe repair after our safe technicians help you to successfully open your safe. This is why we advise you to bring in your safe to get the Gardall safe open service, instead of trying to destroy it.

Gardall Safe Open Safes NYC

Help, My Gardall Safe Not Opening! What Should I do?

Based on the make, model, and type of lock there can be several different reasons why the Gardall safe not opening. Most often, but not always, opening and repairing a safe requires the skills of a certified safe technician or a reputable locksmith with safe working experience.

A Gardall safe not opening can be due to various reasons. It could be locked shut due to the following reasons:

  • Broken drive pin or stuck fly
  • Loose spline key
  • An internal re-locker fired
  • Combination dial end play
  • Combination change mishap
  • Loose dial ring
  • Wheel slippage
  • Bolt end pressure or loose mounting bolts
  • Stuck lever

Don’t panic! Our safe technicians will diagnose and rectify the problem with the safe to get the Gardall safe open.

Gardall Safe Won’t Open Without the Combination| Is There a Key?

A Gardall safe won’t open without the combination. If you’ve forgotten the combination some safes have a key override as a second option. If the Gardall safe won’t open but has a hole for the key, it could make the whole process much easier. You can reorder the key from the manufacturer if you don’t have the key. Our locksmiths can help you get the Gardall safe open in this scenario. Some safes need the safe combination WITH the key turn to open the safe. We can also help in this situation.

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Gardall Safe Repair & Safe Cracking Tools & Hardware

At Safes NYC we have all the specialized tools and equipment required to open your safe. The safe-cracking techniques we use employ drilling with diamond-tipped drill bits. In most cases, we do not drill open safe. This is only as a last resort. After the Gardall safe open we can perform a Gardall safe repair to bring the safe back to its working condition. The Gardall safe repair team will inform you if it might be required to drill open a safe.

Gardall Safe Combination Change After Opening The Safe

Once we have successfully opened up your Gardall safe our technicians will get to work to reset your combination. The combination resetting process varies based on the manufacturer and the model of the safe. It becomes easier to reset the combination with a Gardall safe open door. Your presence will be required for you to select the new combination. Our safe cracking experts can also work on safes from the top brands in the industry

  • Eclipse Safes
  • Hollon Safes
  • Amsec Safes
  • Winchester Safes

Do let us know if you have a safe other than a Gardall safe.

Gardall Safe Opening Procedure Client Requirements

If you need to get a Gardall safe, or any other brand opened at Safes NYC, we also have some basic requirements. First of all, you need to provide us with verification of ownership of the safe in question. With the verification of ownership, our experts will be able to help to get a Gardall safe open.


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When dialing the combination to get the Gardall safe open, the opening index is used. If the indicator moves even the smallest amount from the 12 o’clock position, the proper combination will not open the safe. Let’s say your combination is 30-40-60 and the dial ring has accidentally shifted left by two numbers due to the loose dial ring. Now you will key in 32-42-62 to get the safe open. If it has shifted right by two numbers you will have to dial the combination 28-38-58 to get the safe open.

Sometimes drive pins, and flies either break or stick. If the drive pins or fly breaks, this makes wheel counting either impossible or limited. If this is a Gardall safe not opening due to a forgotten combination, drilling the safe might be the only solution to get the Gardall safe open. But if the fly sticks, which occurs more often, wheel pick up is felt in a wobbly manner. Our locksmiths know exactly what to do to overcome a sticky fly.

If the Gardall safe won’t open and you have set off an alarm trying to open it, the average time for the police to reach your premises in the US is well over ten minutes. Due to the pandemic, these times have also increased. Once they arrive, remain calm and inform them of the situation. It might be possible that safe just needs new batteries. Contact us to help you reset the alarm and the combination for the safe. For security reasons, your manufacturer will not provide you the combination to get the Gardall safe open.

The safe is in a lockout. The lockout system gets activated because of the wrong code being entered multiple times in a short period of time. One way to overcome this problem is to step away from the safe without removing the batteries. Let the safe come out of the lockout state, which usually takes 20 minutes. After 20 minutes try your combination to open the safe. If you have forgotten your combination contact Gardall safe repair, or Safes NYC, to obtain an override so you can get the Gardall safe open.

A Gardall safe and its lock is a precision instrument. Don’t rush when you are dialing the Gardall safe open combination. Slowing down will help you to key in the combination with precision. Dialing a combination that might be half a number off from the safe open combination will not open the safe. Contact us if you have tried to dial your combination slowly and it still does not work.

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