Open Master Lock Box Without Combination Process

Have you ever wondered whether or you can open a master lock box without combination? Probably, that’s even the wrong question. Have you ever needed to access a premise secured with a master lock box but don’t know the combination? If you want to find out both answers, listen close. We’re dispelling all the lies you’ve been gathering and getting down to the facts.

If you’re hoping to open master lock box without combination, you should know beforehand that it will not be easy to do it on your own. If you have no clue how a basic lock system works, it will be impossible unless you are determined to use a lot of force to break it, which will consequently mean extensive and probably irreparable damage. Precisely, you have three options to get the master lock box opened.

Put Your Intrusion Skills to the Test

We begin with an honest disclaimer; your chances of success if you want to open master lock box without combination are very slim, even if you are good at it. Master Lockboxes are built to offer unyielding deterrence; and they are always undergoing constant upgrading to match the advancing tricks used to manipulate the locks’ weaknesses. Moreover, As a picklock, you have two options, which don’t guarantee any success.

  • Cracking the code – you will need high accuracy to find the code by yourself. It is a time-consuming trick which also needs a lot of practice. This trick is borrowed from the old locks, which use knobs with a digit value between zero and a hundred. You can almost be sure that it will be difficult to use it on a lock with multiple knobs.
  • Do a master lock reset by yourself – some picklocks will have tricks to reset the lock’s combination. It is not easy, and you will definitely not get it done in a minute, even if you are one of them. It takes an expert hand to reset a combination lock without the manufacturer’s help, not to mention the specialized tools needed.

Get Proprietary Help

The lock’s manufacturer knows how to reset the lock’s combination best. This will be the easiest surefire way to open master lock box without combination. However, it is the slowest of them all, so if you choose to go down this route, start practicing some patience already.

Why will the manufacturers take you through long procedures before they can help you reset your lock? They need to be absolutely sure that they are giving access to the right person. Anyone in their shoe would do the same – it is useless to go through the difficult hassle of setting up top-notch security gadgets that they will help in compromising.

How A Manufacturer Reset Works – Open Master Lock Box without Combination

You will need to have the lock’s serial number first. Secondly, you will need to provide proof of ownership alongside a lost combination form, which you have to fill. Most manufacturers will not accept to provide the reset code through a call or email. Make the correspondence only with an expectation to get the necessary guidance according to the manufacturer’s policies. You can also find such information on the manufacturer’s website.

Once you have the combination request forms and proof of ownership duly filled, you will require legal approval before sending it to the manufacturer. The code to open master lock box without combination will be mailed to you wherever in New York City in a few weeks.

To avoid overly long waiting times, you can use the manufacturer’s local distributor or retailer’s help to get the code to open master lock box. So, they enjoy better response and faster service delivery. However, they might charge you for it.

Contact A Locksmith For Help – Open Master Lock Box without Combination

A locksmith will be your best bet to help open master lock box without combination. Locksmiths have everything it takes to open any lock– from the expertise to the tools. Any locksmith from Safes NYC can help open master lock box in minutes. They will help you regain access to your premises and also set a new combination for the lock.

Getting a professional locksmith to help you open master lock box without combination is the best option on the table for three reasons.

  • You will save a lot of time – a locksmith gets done with their job within an hour of their arrival to your premises, depending on the complexity of your lock.
  • They uphold the lock’s security capabilities – locksmiths are experts in operating locks. Once the lock has been reset, the team will ensure no other damage was done to it.
  • They are affordable – the work you get done by a locksmith from Safes NYC is worth it.

To open master lock box without combination most effectively, let a professional locksmith do it for you. Don’t hesitate to contact Safes NYC for help anytime within New York City.

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