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Safes NYC is the only locksmith company in New York City that provides quality products and services for safes especially master lock boxes. The master lock key box brings a revolutionary idea in the world of security. It is the first of its kind that is used to store keys. The master lock key box eradicates the problem of carrying keys. Users can access their keys which are stored in the key box, after they open master lock key safe. To open master lock key safe, one must be very meticulous in entering the combination code. However, there are other sensitive aspects you must take care to open master lock key safe. We will provide you with detailed information on how to open master lock key safe.

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For most locks, the only password is the key. However, this is not the exact process for a master lock key box. To open master lock key safe, you must go through two processes. A master lock key box has a small storage facility for spare keys. To open master lock key safe, you must unlock the small storage unit to get access to the keys. Therefore, setting your password is the most crucial part of operating a master lock. To begin you need to pull the dark shade entryway down to uncover the four-digit mix dials. Your safe door will have a preset code. To open the key entryway, you need to press down the dark button which is situated to one side of the mix dials. Whenever you have opened the safe door, you will see a reset switch, this should be pushed towards the left and afterwards downwards. When this is down, you can pivot the mix dials and set your passcode.  A useful tip is to make a note of your code and keep it in a safe spot in your home. Do this to make sure you have a back-up arrangement if you fail to remember it. At the point when you have made your determination, you should then push the reset switch upwards and so it is back in its unique area. One final advance is to close the protected entryway and scramble your dials so your code is covered up and the safe is bolted.  Safes NYC provides you with the correct instruction manual for setting your password.

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Besides setting your password, it is also important to install your safe in the correct position which will help facilitate opening it. In simple words, setting the equipment allows you to open master lock key safe. Some safety features are not mentioned in the instruction manual but can be applied from your common sense. First, you have to open the safe door by manually rolling the combination dials. Then, position your device on your wall vertically. Make sure that the body of the master lock makes zero-degree angle with the wall. You can use a level surface to ensure whether the safe door is vertical to the wall. To be more precise, you can use a spirit level to determine the unwanted tilt between the surfaces. After taking the reference, mark the position of the screw holes in the wall. You can mark the positions as small visible dots with a pen or pencil. After you have marked the screw positions, remove the attached lock from your wall. Then, drill the holes depending on the size of your master lock key box. Then attach your master lock key box to the wall at the former position. You can check the spirit level or just insert the screws. Also, make sure that all screws are tightened up to its fullest couple force. Then, you can open master lock key safe. We, Safes NYC in New York City are fully committed to assisting you to maintain your security.

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If you are unable to get your safe open, call us, we are experts in both installation and maintenance. All you are required to do is to remember your combination code. In case you have a weak memory, write your code on a small bit of paper and keep it at a safe spot. If you reside at New York City and unable to open master lock key safe, we will get to you quickly to render assistance. Call us today!

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