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Safes NYC always amaze me with the excellent quality of service they provide. They are the best locksmith company in New York City by far, all the services that they offer are always professionally done by their certified locksmiths. Their lockout service is the one that I am ever so impressed with, I was so apprehensive about having a locksmith open my safe after I misplaced my code and of course don’t remember it.

I was certain that I would end up having to buy a new safe from all the horror stories I have heard from my friends; but no such thing with this locksmith company. The locksmith was so experienced; I was surprised that he took such a short time to open my safe.  Not only did he take a short time to open my safe, there was zero damage; I was so elated I gave him a five-star review plus a big tip.

One may say why do so much, it’s his job; for me when I get exceptional locksmith service I show my appreciation; because not all companies give this high quality service. So kudos to the team at Safes NYC and especially to the locksmith who gave me such awesome service!

Open My Safe: Experienced Locksmith For Your Business Needs

As a business owner in New York City I ensure that I have a very reputable locksmith company on speed dial to open my safe. In business, there are so many variables you have to deal with at one time or the other but for me; having a good locksmith to open my safe is not one of them. There are many mishaps that can take place on a daily basis and misplacing or losing your safe code is one of them.

This is the primary reason why I have solicited the services of Safes NYC to open my safe in the unfortunate event that any such thing does happen. Their locksmiths are very knowledgeable and have experience in handling any issues with all types of commercial safes. They are proficient in solving any problems with any of the following.

open my safe - Safes NYC

– Office safes:

These are made of steel, fire proof and very heavy.  They utilize an electronic locking mechanism and are drop tested to verify the quality of the safe

– Hotel safes:

These are usually mounted on the wall and are used by visitors to keep their valuables locked away. They generally utilize a code but some use keys; and in the event that the key is lost then there is a master key available from the hotel manager

– Media safes:

These are used to store media data recorded on mediums such as DVDs, CDs, video and audio tapes. These are high security safes and they are very well built and are also fire proof


– Depository safes:

These are used for temporary storage of money; or any other valuables until these are transferred to the main safe for long term storage

– Bank vault:

This is basically a well built and fortified room with a heavy, re-enforced door which has a state of the art locking mechanism. These are used for storing cash and other expensive items for safe keeping

There is never a need to worry because if I want assistance to open my safe I know exactly who to call!

Why Choose our Company Services?


Over 20 years of experience 



Committed to providing 100% satisfaction



The staff is highly skilled and reliable



Available  throughout the entire process



professional support throughout



Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Knowledgeable And Skillful Locksmiths Available

NYC is home to the best locksmith company and I had the pleasure of letting them open my safe. How I came about needing that kind of assistance was not enjoyable; but the service I received was in every way very much delightful.  It is always a wonderful experience to encounter service professionals who are not just good at what they; do but they are also very courteous and friendly. These locksmiths have impressed me to the point; where I know that they are the only ones I will be calling for all my locksmith services.

There is no need to call anyone else, the locksmiths are expertly trained, fast, efficient, on time, professional in their approach and very respectful, what more could I possible ask for? It is official, I can safely say that I have been won over and I am now a loyal customer of theirs. What are you waiting for? You will never find another locksmith company that offers the kind of quality service that they do. Call them today!

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What our Customers Say:
Joshua Crawford
43 Reviews
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I wanted to replace my old door locks as I find them not so secure and also gave me troubles. I took the decision to upgrade the security and called them for help. I was thrilled by seeing the quickness and hard work the locksmiths did of installing advanced security door locks. This gave me 100% satisfaction and surely would recommended them for my friends and family.
Vicky Jordan
13 Reviews
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Positive: Professionalism At my office place, I have the responsibility to store hard copies of all of the confidential data in filing cabinets. I wanted to ensure that the information remains safe and secure and thought of upgrading the cabinets with locks. I found this company online and called them up. The technician which you
Raine Holub
281 Reviews
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They are the best company that provide locksmiths for fixing issues and making customer’s life back on track. Being a 5 star rated company I totally recommend it for all of your lock and key needs for house, residential, commercial locks and much more.
Nagle Keene
33 Reviews
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Hays, thank you so much for such kind words. Such kind of feedback from our clients like you, encourage us to work hard for providing the best services.
Lyle Hagans
42 Reviews
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The tech was really a nice guy and did the work of fixing the locks in a very knowledgeable manner. He took care of our complicated situation and gave us the solution. I appreciate his hard work and skills and surely going to recommend him for all.
Roy Phillips
12 Reviews
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Definitely recommended service as I recently got locked out of my apartment. The locksmith arrived in 30 minutes of my call and got my door unlocked. He got this emergency job done quickly and later also replaced the old lock with a new one. I really appreciate the assistance.

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