The Know-How Of Opening A Dial Safe

Most of the latest safes are either a traditional dial safe or a digital safe. Many safe buyers still trust and prefer opening a dial safe.

In this article, we point out some advantages dial safe offers and mention a couple of disadvantages. We also discuss some details about learning how the dial on a safe work and discuss some common issues you could expect to have.

The Clear Advantages Of Owning A Dial Safe

  • A dial on a safe requires very little maintenance
  • If handled correctly, they can last a long time
  • Dial safes have fewer problems than a digital safe
  • Turning a dial is quieter than entering a code on a digital safe
  • There is no need to operate them with a power source

Opening a dial safe may be quiet but can also be a challenge, as you have to remember the combination and the sequence to dial them in.

The Downside Of Owning A Dial Safe

  • Using the dial takes practice
  • With a dial safe, the digits can be difficult to read for some people
  • If you miss the number of the combination, you will need to begin the sequence again from the start
  • Opening a dial safe takes time to dial the combination
  • Dial safes require you to gently turn the dial after closing the safe to ensure it locks

If you ever want to or need to change the combination on a dial safe it best to contact a specialist such as Safes NYC, New York City, NY.

Such professionals are experienced in opening a dial safe, they understand and know exactly how the lock on the dial safe works.

How A Dial Combination Lock Works

For the average dial safe owner, understanding how the dial lock works can seem complicated. To simplify it, the dial or combination lock comprises of different parts, such as

  • Combination dial
  • Spindle
  • Wheels
  • Drive cam
  • Drive pin
  • Wheel fly
  • Wheel notches
  • Fence

First, you have the combination dial on the outside of the safe. The dial is attached to the spindle inside the lock and passes through the wheels and is attached to the drive cam.

The number of wheels inside the lock depends on how many numbers sets there are in the combination code. For example, if your dial code consists of three or four number sets, there will be three or four wheels.

When opening the dial safe using the combination dial, the spindle turns the drive cam, which has a drive pin attached to the top of it.

This drive pin will come into contact with the wheel fly on each wheel one at a time, making the wheel spin until all the wheels are spinning.

The notches on the wheels will line up precisely as the correct combination code is dialed in. Once all the notches are lined up, the fence can to fall and rest in the gap of the notches and you will be able to open your safe.

Common Issues You Can Face With A Dial Safe

If you are having problems opening a dial safe, the common issues are either with the safe handle, bolt, or the dial lock.

  • Safe Handle

When you go to turn the safe handle and it spins with very little resistance or it feels loose, even when no combination code has been dialled in. This means the screw at the bottom of the handle that holds it in place has loosened and just needs tightening with a screwdriver.

  • Safe Bolt Issues

If you experience difficulty turning the handle or it only turns a little, then you could have an issue with what safe specialists call the bolt work. When the bolt work becomes jammed, the top reasons for the jammed bolt work are:

  • Over-packing the safe
  • An item has fallen into one of the bolt holes and is blocking the bolt
  • The safe bolt works requires servicing and some lubrication
  • Dial Lock Issues

Often issues with opening a dial safe with the correct combination code could result from a combination drift. This means the numbers of the combination you have memorized so carefully are no longer the same as the numbers on the dial. The combination on the dial has shifted or drifted slightly past the actual number.

You will need to dial-up or dial down the combination code, which means add or subtract one digit from each number. For example, if your combination is 50-55-60, you would either need to enter 51-56-61 or 49-54-59 for the safe to open.

If you are unsure or if any of these methods are not working, it is always best to call the experts in opening a dial safe. Experts such as Safes NYC, New York City, NY can service or replace the different parts on the safe you are having issues with.

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