Understanding A Gun Vault – Opening A Gun Safe

A vault is a kind of safe for storing valuables such as jewelry, vital documents, firearms, and the likes. Research shows that many people in America choose to secure their guns using a gun vault; with this comes the possibility that they may lose their vault’s key or even forget the access code. Hence, the need to find a way to unlock the safe in case of an emergency. Either way, these four methods have proven to be very useful in opening a gun safe without a key.

There are several methods to regain access to your gun vault, either by hiring experts to help you out or doing it yourself. Before diving further into explaining these methods, using an expert locksmith is highly recommended. Safes NYC offers the best locksmith service in and around New York City; consider contacting them.

Lock Picking

Lock picking is the practice of opening a lock by manipulating the lock devices’ components without the original key. Although possessing lock picking tools may be illegal in some parts of the world, it is legal in many places. If you’re skilled, you can utilize appropriate equipment in opening a gun safe.

Paper Clip Method

The paper clip method is a lock picking method that an individual can do without having to hire an expert. This method usually comes in handy in such cases where the locksmith you hire is taking a long time, or when you need emergency access to a gun vault where you can’t access a locksmith, then you may resort to doing it yourself by following this simple “how to” guide.

This method requires two paper clips; you can choose to use two separate clips or cut a clip into two pieces. Straighten the paper clips and bend one at angle 90 degrees and the other at angle 45 degrees. Let’s name the angle 90-degree “clip A” and the angle 45-degree “clip B.”

Insert clip A at the bottom and rotate counterclockwise; while at it, insert clip B at the top in such a way that the angled part is facing upward, then giggle it until the vault opens.

Smack Method – Opening A Gun Safe

The smack method is another way of opening a gun safe without a key or access code, and it works only with digital vaults. The smack method requires you to hit the vault, hence the name “smack”. It isn’t always practical, but it’s worth the try.

This method is one of the methods used for demonstration at the DefCon conference held in Las Vegas in 2012. Researchers opened commercially available gun safes without a key or access code.

Using this method to open a gun vault, start by first turning the dial in the wrong direction; for instance, the right direction to unlock is usually by turning a dial clockwise, but in this case, you need to turn it the other direction, that is, counterclockwise. Then hit the vault firmly with either your hands, a rubber mallet, or other solid objects; this will displace the pin that obstructs the sliding bolt for a split second.

After a split second, turn the dial the correct way. If the pin is down, the sliding bolt will open, and the vault will give way. You should have in mind that this method requires timing and accuracy to work if it doesn’t work the first time, try it again.

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet Method

The last method we’ll be discussing in this piece is the Neodymium magnet method. Neodymium magnet is a type of rare-earth magnet, and it’s more substantial than a lot of the other types of magnets such as the Samarium Cobalt magnet.

This unique magnet is useful in opening a digital or sentry safe. For this method’s effectiveness, a Neodymium magnet with a pulling force of 120 to 300 is used. Put the magnet on a gym sock and attach to the top left corner of the sentry safe and move it to the right side; if it refuses to open, try moving it around a bit, and the safe will give way. On a digital vault, place the magnet underneath the safe straight below the solenoid and be impressed.

Conclusion – Opening A Gun Safe

With these methods, opening a gun safe without access codes or keys becomes easier. Still, the most effective way is hiring an expert locksmith like those at Safes NYC to help you with opening a gun safe; Safes NYC is located near you at New York City. Safes NYC provides experts in opening a gun safe when needed; their outstanding customer relations and quality service assurance have made them popular in New York City.

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