Solving The Puzzle Of Opening A Mosler Safe

You purchased a new home and found an old Mosler safe tucked away in the basement’s corner. You want to use the Mosler safe but the door is closed and locked and now you fear opening a Mosler safe may be a challenge.

It may be a safe that you have little knowledge about. So before you make an attempt at opening a Mosler safe, you should learn more about the safe standing in front of you.

In this article, we provide you with the first steps you should take in knowing the safe you have. We provide some information about a Mosler safe and give you the best way for opening a Mosler safe.

Check The Type Of Safe

The first thing you should do is check if there are any tags on the outside of your safe. Look for things such as

  • The serial number or model number, although many of them are located on the door on the inside of the safe
  • Whether it is fire or burglary rated safe
  • If you are lucky, you might find the combination on the back of the safe.
  • If not, and if at all possible, contact the previous homeowners and ask them about the combination for opening a Mosler safe

Check The Condition Of Your Safe

While you are busy inspecting the safe, you should check the condition of the locking system. We know this might be difficult with a closed and locked safe.

You can still check if the dial turns smoothly and does not feel as if it is about to come loose. Also, check the quality of the handle to see if there are any signs of wear that might need repairing.

Sometimes people find opening a Mosler safe difficult because they are not aware or forget to maintain the lock and other parts on the safe. A well maintained safe and all its working parts mean a working and usable safe for many years to come.

The more you can learn about the safe you now own, the better your chances will be at opening a Mosler safe.

Information About A Mosler Safe

Mosler safes have been circulating for about 147 years and they have a reputation of being some of the strongest and most secure safes to exist.

The Mosler safes are available in many sizes, designs, and features for a variety of needs. These safe provide businesses, banks, hotels, jewelers, military, hunters, and homes the ultimate security for important documents and items.

Mosler safes also have a reputation for their ability to survive explosions during the war. This resulted in them attaining contracts from governments, banks, post offices, and even large businesses to keep sensitive information securely stored away.With their strength comes a heavyweight due to their high-grade materials and many layers of steel on all four sides

The safe’s door alone consists of about 5 inches of steel plates, making them extremely difficult to move from one area to another.

However, for some old Mosler safe models’ wheels were included to help make moving them around a little easier. On the inside, a Mosler safe is known for its storage space consisting of, in some models’ shelves and drawers.

Mosler preferred to use their own locks that are round on their safes which makes them hard to find, expensive to replace, and complicated to figure out their inner workings.

These locks make changing the combination or opening a Mosler safe extremely difficult for an untrained person.

The Best Way To Open A Mosler Safe

If you want to succeed in opening a Mosler safe, you are going to need the help of a safe specialist such as Safes NYC, New York City, NY. Apart from opening a Mosler safe, you have no idea how well the safe was maintained. The safe specialist you call will need all the information you have learned about the safe you found. They will probably also need to service the lock and other parts of the safe.

Prepare yourself as you might need to change the lock on the safe, and only a safe expert will know if it is possible to do so. This will depend on the existing lock type, whether it is square or round, and whether a replacement safe lock is available.

To succeed in opening a Mosler safe, inspect the safe in your basement for any details which can explain the type of safe, and briefly check the condition. Learn all you can about your type of safe as it will be helpful not only to you but also to Safes NYC, New York City, NY.

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