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Opening a Sentry Safe With Combination – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Every one of us has come across a situation where we need to store our valuable items from theft, harm, and damage. Safes, lockers, vaults, or coffers are generally the equipment used for the said purpose. These safes provide adequate security and comfort and are generally more comfortable to use whether they have a combination lock or digital lock or are composed of both locks as compared to other locks.

Before rushing on opening a sentry safe with combination, there is a need to get a bit of info that one must possess while dealing with such safe. You might ask why it is essential. The answer is simple. Sentry safes are designed to ensure maximum protection is provided and thus designed so that it might lock you out if you try to manipulate the lock key system. Therefore, you need to be cautious while dealing with it.

Sentry safes come in a variety of styles, designs, models, and customizations. Safes NYC deals in all types and can help you find the best sentry safe for you. The first thing you need to have is to ensure you get full information regarding the kind of sentry safe you are purchasing.

This is because each model would have its specifications and instructions for operating it. Here the guidance is provided for opening a sentry safe with combination locks. This guidance might not be appropriate to open sentry safes that are further coupled with digital locks or keys.

A sentry safe comes with different lock types. Some have a simple dial. Other safes come up with added options of having a digital key or electronic key with a standard lock key. Here, the information is provided about opening a sentry safe with combination dials only.

A few steps that are preconditions for opening a sentry safe with combinations are to have a manual and to remove the shipping screws for the first time if any. Some safes might not require these screws, so there is no need for this step. Remember opening a sentry safe with combination follows the Right-Left-Right sequence.

The instructions listed below are for the safe that comes with a simple dial lock. Instructions for a safe with other locks are different and do not necessarily follow the same rules. Ensure that your safe follow the same one. Once done, you need to follow these simple and easy steps for opening a sentry safe with the combination:

  1. First, ensure that the handle is facing upward in the horizontal position.
  2. Move your dial in either direction to arrive at 0.
  3. Now turn the dial in right or clockwise direction in a way that it passes your first number two times and stops at the number on the third time.
  4. Now move the dial to the left or counterclockwise two times and stop at the number during the second rotation.
  5. Move your dial to the right only one time and stop at the last number of your combination.
  6. Move your handle downward and open the door.

Here we summarize the basic principles for opening a sentry safe with combination; For the first number, you have to move your dial three times, for the second number, you have to move your dial two times, and for the third number, you have to move your dial just one time. That’s all.

Now let’s assume a hypothetical scenario of opening a sentry safe with combinations so that it can be easier. Let’s say you have to open sentry safes with a manual that says 42,55,68. Your first number is 42, your second number is 55, and your third and the last is 68. So this is how you will be opening a sentry safe with combination:

  1. Turn the handle upward, firmly stabilizing at a vertical position. (Apparently, it looks like a simple step, but if you don’t place the handle properly, your lock may not open and may cause hindrances.)
  2. Adjust dial to 0.
  3. Turn right three times, passing the number 42 two times and stopping at it the third time.
  4. After passing 55 and stopping at 55, turn left twice.
  5. Turn right once and stop at 68.
  6. Say abracadabra, and there you go!!

This is how simple it is. At Safes NYC, you will be getting the best deals and solutions to open sentry safes. Safes NYC has experts that can solve your sentry safe problems with locks and keys. We simply have the best solutions for all your issues under one roof.

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