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Safe technicians, as the name implies are the people tasked to install, open, and repair safes and vaults. They’re also known as locksmiths.

If you’ve never had one over, the idea of hiring technicians can be quite daunting. These locksmith services are available throughout New York City, so you might be a little confused about where to start. Don’t worry, we got you covered, just follow this guide, and you’ll get exactly what you need, and don’t forget to call The Safe Service NY!

Identifying The Service You Need – Best Technicians

There are different types of technicians, and so, before looking for one, you’ll have to think about exactly what you need them to do. This is because different locksmiths may specialize in only a certain function despite all being technicians.

And so, the question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you need them to install, repair, open, or remove your safe. Once you’ve figured that out, think about what type of safe you have or want to install.

Types Of Safes

Safes can often be categorized into two areas; commercial and residential. Both of which can be your traditional or electronic safe. Make sure to check if your safe technician provides the right services for you.

Commercial Safes  – Safe Technicians

Commercial safes are those that are used for business purposes. These tend to have higher quality security compared to residential safes. They’re used to store money, important documents, etc. Here’s the list

  • Drop safes – these are designed to make quick deposits without actually opening it. These are often used as a temporary place of storage until their contents get transferred. They usually hold paper i.e., important documents and cash, so you’ll mostly see these used by banks and postal services
  • Bank vaults – also known as strong rooms, these vaults are entire rooms that are heavily secured. They are integrated seamlessly into the building structure and are some of the most complex types that exist. This is due to them being part of the building itself. And so, your technicians act as or work with your architects for this safe
  • Media safes – these store digital media such as computers and other electronics. These are specially made to withstand fire/heat, as digital media cannot be exposed to anything higher than 125 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels over 85%

There are also other types of simple safes such as office safes which are slightly more secure than residential and hotel safes which are not the most secure but provide a temporary one keep for their guests. They’re quite basic and are easy to install.

Residential Safes

Residential safes are those used for home purposes. If this is the type you’re thinking about getting, remember that some of these are quite simple. And so, you might not even need to hire a technician. There are plenty of places that sell ready-made home safes throughout New York City. And without further ado, here’s your list

Fire-resistant safes

 these are your basic home safes. They’re not the most secure but they do protect your items against heat. And so, they are mostly used for important documents and cash – anything paper related

Burglary safes 

These home safes are tailored to deter theft from taking place. It accomplishes this by being thick and heavy, using tough steel. This makes it hard for it to be opened forcefully or carried away. They are usually standalone that are not physically integrated with anything; which means you can place them anywhere

Floor and wall safes

These are similar to burglary safes but are simply integrated into the walls or the floor. If it is not already built into the house, you will need to hire a technician to install them. Much is to be taken into account as they must blend well with the building’s architecture; and so, it might take a while to install

Gun safes

 these are specifically designed to store your guns. They provide quick access in case of emergencies but are secure enough to keep away from children or theft. They vary in structure depending on the gun you own and how many. If you’re a gun owner, it’s highly recommended that you invest in one of these, especially if you have children

By now you should have the basics figured out. All that’s left is to call a safe technician and work started. There are plenty of locksmiths all over New York City, so it shouldn’t be very hard. Just make sure everything’s clear and that you’re with them throughout the whole process.

Stay safe New Yorkers and don’t hesitate to call The Safe Service NY!

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