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Safes NYC offers solutions to locksmith services. Our clients get all the information on what do their safe and vault needs. On many occasions, a great number of clients come to our premises wanting to know why do their safes or vaults show this “first alert safe not opening” or “first alert wont open” message. Sometimes the screen of their safe shows a “care, first alert replacement” message that concerns them. They come to us because they do not want to change their keys. They want a system without a constant “first alert safe not opening” message. For the product they have bought to be safe and secure, they need a solution.

We have decades of experience opening, servicing, and maintaining safes and vaults. We have dealt with safes of all kinds and models with all sort of problems that show this “first alert safe not opening” or “will be blocked” message. Whether you have an old or  a modern safe, we know how to fix it. Fluent with traditional mechanics, as well as high-security digital safes and vaults. We have seen it all.

Our Services Are Provided In A Satisfactory Manner

From business offices to residential homes, we offer safe service throughout the New York metropolitan area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Our services include emergency security locks, security lock updates and combination changes, maintenance and repair of safes and vaults, digitisation (mechanical to digital conversion), and installation of new safes.

In the past our company’s premium services were difficult and expensive for most New York residents. Finding an accurate technology without problems such as “first alert safe not opening” or “locked the system” was impossible: the scammers destroyed the safes for no reason.

However, the company has redefined the accessibility of quality locksmith services in the region. Our safe and vault technicians are there for you at any time of the day and  provide a quick response in case of an emergency. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All equipment is licensed and certified with access to modern equipment that simplifies every task. With the right tools, tasks are carried out faster and more efficiently.

If you have any other question or you want to know more about us visit our website.

Safe Opening Methods During First Alert Safe Not Opening

We have the best safe technicians. They can open your safe quickly and without damaging it. We use different methods.

One of our most used method consists on drilling a small hole in the safe, so that with a high-end viewer we can see the wheel’s movement. Once the safe is open we repair the hole with hardened carbide. The correct carbide makes the spot drill-proof safer than before.

There is another method we use for digital locks. With this kind of locks, it is common for people not to know how to use their safes. Usually, if you are in a hurry you end up spoiling it, and is then when the “first alert won’t open” sign appears. It is possible to open it with a low voltage current. During this method, we penetrate the lockbox and activate the motherboard. Once the electricity gets to the right place, the latch opens.

There are many other options. It depends on the safe and the lock. Once we arrive at the place, we analyze the situation and offer you the best solution.

Why Is An Emergency Insurance Locksmith Required?

Many times it is due to a safe malfunction. Very often, safes are not treated correctly. It’s easy to see them as sturdy boxes that can handle anything; however, they must be treated appropriately.

We have seen customers close the safe door, hang heavy objects on the handle or play with the bolts. That’s when the technological system is damaged and when you want to put your password, the “first alert safe not opening” or “careful, this is the first alert replacement, be careful, call a technician” message appears. It is easier for them to put it off until the safe is locked.

Safe faults also occur due to reflection. Secure locks need maintenance, just like any other existing mechanical element. It’s pretty straightforward, but unfortunately, “first alert safe not opening” will keep popping up until customers call a technician so they can open the safe.

What Is The Total Solution To Avoid Problems Like First Alert Safe Not Opening

The solution is reinforced concrete panels, but you have to invest a lot of money here.

These reinforced panels, composed of various types of concrete products combined with security fibers, molded on and around a steel matrix, make up this formidable barrier resistant to attacks. It has a fingerprints system. It does not have any digital strategy to touch or errors that lead to the sign “first alert safe not opening”.

If you have any questions about any of the information in this article contact us and we will clear all your doubts.

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