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Unlock Safe – 4 Steps to An Open Safe


If you are unable to unlock safe, even if it is a gun safe, we advise you NOT to try to open it yourself. Safes NYC experts can help to unlock safe without damage. Before calling a locksmith from Safes NYC, follow this unlock safe procedure.

Unlock Safe Service | Step 1: Determine Which Safe You Have

The first step to unlock safe box is to identify exactly which safe you have. Being able to identify your safe means that you will be able to take the appropriate actions to either reset or recover your code or key to unlock safe. Safes NYC has put together a list to help you identify which safe you have.

  1. Key Safe: Turn the key to unlock safe with the old-fashioned key lock. This lock can be irksome if you’ve lost the key.
  2. Combination Safe: You must know the combination to unlock safe with this analogue safe. Some combination safes like in hotels use a coalescence of a combination and a key to unlock hotel safe.
  3. Electronic Safe: If you want to unlock master lock box of a bank or an estate this will most likely be an electronic safe. This is the most modern version of a safe.

All of these lockboxes can be opened by a certified locksmith.

Unlock Safe Safes NYC

Finding the Model & Serial Number

Knowing just the type of safe will not be of much help if you contact the manufacturer or a locksmith. To unlock safe a manufacturer will ask you about its model and serial number. The serial number can be on the side of the safe.

Some safes have the serial number and model information on the back or bottom side of the safe for safety purposes. You can also find this information on the purchase receipt. The manufacturer might be able to assist to unlock safe, once they know the model and the serial number of the safe. Similarly, a locksmith will need this information to unlock safe of any kind.

Identify Key Override Systems like Ones Used to Unlock Hotel Safe

Research if your particular make and model has a key override system like those employed to unlock hotel safe. You might think that you never knew about any key override system at the time of purchase. A key override system can help to unlock safe in the event you forget the combination.

Safe salespersons might forget to inform you about a key override system. Hotel staff knows that they can unlock hotel safe with key override systems. The safe user manual might have some valuable information about the key override system and its functionality.

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Unlock Master Lock Box With a Change Code Key

Not every safe will have a key override system. The ones which do not have a key override system most often have a change key. This is a way to change the combination if you have forgotten the combination to unlock safe.

Alternatively, some versions might ask you to key in the old combination along with inserting the change key to unlock master lock box. There are some models in which you can simply reset your safe memory with the change key and unlock master lock box. These models will have a reset code with the user manual.

An Authorized Locksmith Can Unlock Safe Box Of Any Model

After following all of these directions if you are still unable to unlock safe box in your possession, it is time to contact the professionals. Remind yourself that this is the reason why safe manufacturers trust locksmiths to unlock safe of any make and model.

Safe manufacturers work in coordination with local locksmiths of Safes NYC in the region to help their clients unlock safe box in their possession. Manufacturers and locksmiths both understand that these problems will occur. That is why both work in coordination to help unlock a safe for their client.

Unlock Safe Box Without Getting on the Wrong Side of the Law

A locked or unlock safe is your possession. The contents inside a locked safe are also your belongings. The only thing an authorized locksmith will ever ask you to unlock master lock box of any kind is the verification of ownership. Once you present your verification of ownership to Safes NYC, employee, they will help you to unlock safe as soon as possible.


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If you receive a safe in your inheritance, there is a likely chance that the keys or combination to that safe is lost forever. To unlock safe, of this kind of nature the only thing we require is the verification of ownership. In such a case your inheritance papers might even be sufficient. Once the safe is opened all the valuables and heirlooms inside will also be yours.

Safes NYC, experts come in to contact with fire safes, burglary safes, gun safes, and jewellery safes every day. Our experts can unlock safe of old models. Our experts are also trained and certified to unlock safe which has been worn down by natural elements. A vintage or antique safe might be a good challenge to an amateur. But for our professionals, no vintage or antique safe is impossible to unlock safe.

Hotels often have cameras and motion detectors in or near the confines of the hotel room safe. It is for this very reason that some hotel employees not only know the contents you put inside the hotel safe but also the combination you used to unlock hotel safe. In case of an emergency, these employees can simply playback the video and zoom in when you key in the combination. With this information, they can simply unlock safe without having to destroy or harm any part of the safe.

Criminals need to be very specialized to be able to unlock master lock box or unlock safe which may be in your home. But what is more likely is that criminals can simply run away with the little jewellery box in your closet. Home security specialists and locksmiths recommend having a safe which is either bolted to the ground or professionally mounted to a floor beam that can’t be removed from the home.

It is very unlikely that a criminal can unlock safe box or break into a safe deposit box located in a bank. The home safe is secure. But given the time and depending on the worth of the goods inside a criminal will unlock safe which is located at home. The safe deposit box in a bank is the safest place for your valuables. Nobody can even get to the door of that safe with the bank’s permission. A good rule is to keep anything valuable to you but not a thief at home and keep priceless items in the bank safe deposit box.

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