Cracking Open A Safe – Get The Professionals

A descent safe is used to protect your valuable and important possessions against threats and damages. While safes are good, if you happen to lose the combination then the safe itself is no use to you at all. This isn’t a complete loss as the team at Safe NYC, company are the cracking open a safe experts; and make it possible to get inside your safe again after losing the combination.

Safes are used to store essential documents and personal items to keep them in a safe means they are protected from criminals, fire, and other natural disasters.

Cracking Open Safe Locks Isn’t Easy

There are many different safe locks like biometric, electronic etc; but the traditional combinations locks are still very popular, do the job well, and are affordable. They are hard to crack, which is why you need the cracking open a safe experts from Safes NYC. When this occurs, you need an expert who has the time and patience to complete the job the same day; so your valuables are not vulnerable for too long.

In the movies, it looks simple to crack a safe open when they just listen to the turning of the dial. In reality, this isn’t how it works; and you will need a trained NYC, expert to begin cracking open a safe at your home. If you try to do the job yourself, you can damage the locks; which will make it even harder for the NYC, team to repair or open the safe. A trained expert is trained at cracking open a safe using a variety of methods.

A Forgotten Combination

If you have been trying to enter the correct code for a while; then take a break and divert your attention elsewhere to avoid becoming stressed. If other people have access to the safe check that they don’t remember the code or ensure they haven’t changed it and forget to tell you. A cracking open a safe expert from Safes NYC will be able to help if you still can’t open it.

Once you have made sure that the combination of your NYC; safe has not been changed from the original, you can find the serial number; which is often found on the back panel or on the side; and get the safe team to contact the manufacturer which will help you get back inside the safe asap.

If the code cannot be retrieved, the cracking open a safe specialist can most likely manipulate the lock. They can try and listen to the sounds and vibrations as they are turning the dial, which can help the cracking open a safe team.

Using The Correct Combination But The Safe Isn’t Opening?

If you are sure you are entering the correct combination; but the safe door still won’t open, this can mean there is a problem occurring with the safe. Most likely, it is a problem with the hinges, locking mechanism, and lever. A specialist will try and pry the door and use grease on the hinges which may help open the door once pressure has been applied to the door and they try to pry the bolt and door out of the framing.

How A Safe Expert Will Gain Entry To Your Safe?

  • Cutting

Although the professional locksmith doesn’t do this type of action, often they can cut a safe that is locked shut. They can use a saw or a torch and cut into it safely. This type of cracking open a safe is messy and slow and will end up destroying the safe. It will depend on the material that is used to make the safe, and a few good saw blades as they will wear down fast.

  • Drilling

A tiny hole is able to be drilled into the safe, which will allow for a small instrument to be pushed inside so the cracking open a safe expert can see how to open the safe lock. There are those manufacturers who actually equip their safes with technology that can make it really hard for this to be done, but it is, however, the better method as it is fast and only minor repairs will need to be done.

  • Scoping

After a small hole has been drilled into the safe, the safe expert will insert a borescope into the hole to get an idea of how to open your safe lock. This method is quite cheap, effective and often used when there are other security measures in places such as manipulation proof locks and glass re-lockers.

Call the expert team when you need a safe cracked open. The team can often do it on the same day and for a great price. Trust the team that stands by you and the security of your safe.

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