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At Safes NYC we strongly believe that having a safe in your home or office is one of the smartest choices one can make. A safe can be installed on the wall or be placed on the floor. Obviously for security reasons we recommend you to bolt the safes to the floor or world. There is a long list of safe types, they vary from cash and key safes to fire or gun safes. The fact that our customers keep on choosing us for their cannon safe won’t open service, repairs, and installations is our pride. We thank you for thinking about us when choosing a safe technician service company.

Our employees are highly professional and are the best in their respective areas. We offer full confidentiality to our customers. We only work with the best products in the market and we believe we are the best or one of the best safe’s companies in the city because of our long list of recurring customers.

Our company services the following safes:

  • Bank Vaults
  • High-security burglary safes (TL-15, TL-30)
  • High-security jewelry safes (TRTL-30×6)
  • (UL) Fire safes
  • Burglary safes
  • (BF) Burglary and Fire safes combined
  • In-Floor Safes
  • Media safes
  • Depository Drop safes
  • Gun safes
  • Wall safes
  • Under the counter safes
  • Cash handling safes
  • Electronic lock safes
  • Portable safes
  • Thumbprint activated safes
  • Install Safes
  • Open Safes
  • Repair Safes
  • Move Safes

We are now servicing the cannon safe brand in our store. The cannon safe is a great product but with the years and uses it can start to have some problems. Cannon safe problems usually involve that your cannon safe won’t open for example this can be caused by different issues.

For example, if your cannon safe won’t open even though the handle is spinning you should call us and we will be able to solve the issue for you. Maybe you want to try to solve it for yourself and learn how to solve cannon safe problems that may arise in the future. We highly recommend you call us.

If your cannon safe won’t open calling us will make it easier for you. We offer a warranty to our customers and in case you trying to fix it causes more damage can make in none eligible for warranty.

If you hear two beeps but your cannon safe won’t open this will most surely be a battery problem. We and Cannon recommend you using Energizer or Duracell batteries that are 100% Alkaline and rechargeable. If after doing this your cannon safe won’t open you should try and turn the handle to the right and without letting the handle go enter the code in. After turning the code in turn, the handle to the left and hear two beeps the safe should open. Given the situation that after this the cannon safe won’t open, you should call Safes NYC. We will be more than happy to help you with fixing your safe.

Other problems that may be the reason that your cannon safe won’t open are:

  • Deactivated Code
  • Disconnected and/or Damaged Wiring
  • Lockout Mode or Time Delay

Deactivated Code

One of the possible reasons that your cannon is safe is that your code has been deactivated. In case this happens try with someone else’s code, and after trying their code the cannon safe won’t open, you should give us a call. We will arrive as soon as possible.

Disconnected And Damaged Wiring

As with any electronic safe wires are prone to get disconnected and/or damaged. This can be why your cannon safe won’t open. In this case, you will have to remove the electronic keypad. This will require more experienced hands to work to solve this issue so we recommend you contact us at Safes NYC, we will be able to help you repair all the cable work the safe needs and re-install the keypad. If after all of this your cannon safe won’t open then maybe the cannon safe is in lockout mode or in time delay mode.

Lockout Mode Or Time Delay

The lockout mode or time delay may have activated if you have entered your code incorrectly many times making it so that your cannon safe won’t open. You will need to wait for 10 to 20 minutes before being able to enter the code again. In case you don’t remember your password and don’t have your safety manual we can help you reset your safe password.

Our Service During COVID-19

As we all know, Covid-19 is still a clear danger for all of us. To be able to still work during these hard times has become difficult and a lot of measures and permits from the city government are needed. To make sure our employees and customers alike stay safe and do their families we ask our customers to maintain social distancing from our locksmiths while they work.

For example, if your cannon safe won’t open and you call us. Our locksmith will arrive at your location and make sure that you can access your safe by the end of the day. He will wear a mask at all times and maintain social distancing and have hand sanitizer at his disposal also.

About Us

Safes NYC is a New York City-based company. We are located at 250 West 19th St. Our services include the areas of Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn. You should call us and will find a way to help you!

You can also contact us with your inquiry, we have a form for you to fill in on our website. We will contact you with a response as soon as possible. Our customers are like family to us, we will take care of your safe issue as fast as possible and with the best service there is in the city!

We hope to be hearing from you soon. So, if your cannon safe won’t open don’t doubt and call us! We also offer service to Sentry, Hamilton, Brown, Amsec, Gardall Meilink, Hayman, and Fire King safe brands. We are more than prepared for any safety-related problem you may have.

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