Opening A Meilink Safe With The Correct Code But Unknown Fault

You have inherited or have purchased an old Meilink safe at a yard sale and were assured they gave you the correct combination. However, opening a Meilink safe with the combination was unsuccessful after multiple attempts.

In this article, we discuss the reasons for not being able to open a Meilink safe with a combination and the choices you have. We provide you with possible solutions for opening a Meilink safe that will not damage the safe.

But First, An Interesting Fact About Meilink Safes

Were you aware that Meilink safes have been around since the early 1900s? Some rare Meilink safes are antique, but although many which are still floating around on the market are collectibles. Those that are not collectibles are not worth much, but they still make a great place to store your valuables.

The Choices You Have For Getting A Meilink Safe Open

With opening a Meilink safe, you have three choices, and they are

  • Call Fire King who now owns Meilink safes, give them the serial number of your safe. If the combination has not gone through a change over the years; they will send you the default combination for a fee
  • Contact a safe specialist such as Safes NYC, New York City, NY and have them open the safe for you
  • Attempt the possible solutions we provide for opening a Meilink safe

Reasons For A Meilink Safe Not Opening

Reasons for your unsuccessful attempt in opening a Meilink safe are

  • You are using the incorrect sequence in dialing the combination
  • There is a mechanical fault with the lock on the safe
  • The combination code you received is incorrect
  • The correct combination code has drifted

The Correct Dialing Sequence For Opening A Meilink Safe

The thing about dials is that they need to be handled gently. So, don’t go spinning the dial at full force, turn the dial to each number slowly

  • Turn the dial counter-clockwise to the left to the first number 3 times and stop on that number on the 4th turn
  • Turn the dial clockwise to the right to the second number 2 times and stop on that number on the 3rd turn
  • Turn the dial counter-clockwise to the left to the third number 1 time and stop on the 2nd turn
  • Turn the dial to the right until the dial won’t go any further or to the number “0” if your safe’s dial requires it
  • Turn the handle and pull the door open

A Mechanical Fault With The Lock Of The Safe

If you suspect the reason for you not opening a Meilink safe is a mechanical fault with the lock. The better option is to call for help from Safes NYC, New York City, NY.

They will open the safe and access the severity of the mechanical fault with the lock. Then either repair or replace the lock and provide you with a new combination. Making it easier for you to use the safe in the future.

Another reason to get in touch with the safe lock experts would be if the combination code given to you is incorrect. They can open the safe and reset the code so you can use the safe.

The Combination Code Has Drifted

If you are sure that you have the correct combination code, you are dialing the code correctly and there is no fault with the lock. Then the reason you are not opening a Meilink safe is that the combination code could have drifted.

Many times, with old safes that have suffered a lot of abuse over the years by spinning the dial too quickly, the dial becomes worn. A worn dial causes the combination numbers to “drift”.

Try the combination code again, but add one digit to each combination number. If that does not work, try adding two digits. If the addition number does not work, try subtracting one number or two from each original combination number.

Another Solution

If none of the above has been successful in opening a Meilink safe, another solution would be to drill the safe.

To perform this task, you would need to know where to drill to align the wheels for the safe will unlock. The common area of drilling is into the face of the lock, inserting a borescope so you can see inside to reach and open the lock.

This may not be possible if your Meilink safe is a newer model with additional security features that prevents drilling.

Figure out the reason the safe is not unlocking. Make a choice of calling the safe brand owner, a safe specialist, or use the potential solutions we provide you yourself for opening a Meilink safe.

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